Helping manage migration and support migrants

Helping manage migration and support migrants

The Migration Information and Management Centre (CIGEM) in Bamoko, Mali, is a joint EU-Mali pilot project set up to help provide a coordinated response to the migration phenomenon and to address the concerns of potential migrants, returning migrants and Malians residing abroad. 

The centre, which was established in 2008 on the initiative of the European Union (EU), aims to contribute to the definition and implementation of a migratory policy adapted to national, regional and international dynamics. It places particular emphasis on the impact of employment and training on migration and on the link between migration and development.

The project is due to be replicated in other countries and regions in due course. Mali was chosen because of its central position in West Africa (close to countries of transit, origin and destination) and the Malian government's desire to help Malians abroad and encourage their contribution to local development.

Understanding migration

The CIGEM, which received €10 million in funding from the 9th European Development Fund (EDF), aims to help the Malian government formulate a migration policy meeting the needs of migrants through a variety of actions aimed at both potential and actual migrants:

  • raising awareness of migration issues;
  • providing information, advice and support to potential and returning migrants, directing them towards appropriate employment or professional training services;
  • providing information on the legal implications of migration and raising awareness of the risks of illegal migration.

It is also committed to improving the understanding of the migratory phenomenon by providing information and analysis on the characteristics of national, regional and international migration and on the employment situation in Mali and the sub-region. In this way, it hopes to contribute to the reinforcement of national capacities for the production, management and analysis of data on migration issues.