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Wind of change for renewable energy in Morocco

WEREEMA stands for Wind Energy, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. It is the name of a project promoting the use of renewable energies in Morocco. Launched by the Desertec Foundation, its purpose is to consolidate expertise in this field through knowledge transfer.

Desertec hopes that the initiative will ultimately allow for renewable energy generated in Morocco to flow to Europe while also meeting the country’s own needs. The project builds on plans by the Moroccan government to invest several billion euro in reducing dependency on imported fossil fuels, by expanding the country’s renewable energy production, and on an existing transmission line linking the Moroccan and Spanish power grids.

It aims to improve the framework conditions for the development of wind and other renewable energies through capacity building in education and research, network studies, wind measurements, pilot projects and economic cooperation.

The project will provide institutional support for the state grid operator and the Moroccan Energy Agency. While establishing Master’s degree programmes and providing technical training, its will also ensure that German entrepreneurs acquire the expertise to operate in the renewables sector in Morocco.

It is part of the Desertec Foundation’s activities targeting climate protection, energy security and development by generating sustainable power where renewable sources of energy are most abundant.

The project receives 3 million euro in funding from the EU and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety as well as 600 000 euro from the Moroccan Energy Agency.