Telemedicine services to Sub-Saharan Africa

Telemedicine services to Sub-Saharan Africa

A satellite-based infrastructure can bring medical help to Sub-Saharan Africa efficiently while improving the general health care in the area. An eMedicine project is putting this into practice at an affordable cost.

The satellite infrastructure will aim at providing educational, clinical, surveillance and management services to the citizens in Sub-Saharan Africa and to the health workers based there. The project is in line with the socio-economic development goals of the Sub-Saharan region.

Satellite eMedicine is a complex infrastructure project which needs careful planning. The project’s preparation entails analysing the efficiency of operational capabilities, financial resources and system potentiality in view of sustainability.

After the preparation tasks, a series of user-driven telemedicine pre-operational services will be launched in order to generate bottom-up dynamics, with the aim of establishing the satellite-based infrastructure to help the Sub-Saharan population.

The Luxembourg Agency for Development Cooperation mandated the European Space Agency to find a consultant for the project’s preparatory tasks: studies related to governance, interoperability with existing legacy systems, compliance with regulations, etc.

The EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (ITF) allocated a grant of € 4 million in April 2010 for these activities, out of a grand total of € 208.9 million for grant operations approved for the 2007-10 period.