Equipping young people with the right skills to build a sustainable energy future

Equipping young people with the right skills to build a sustainable energy future

Solar power generation in the Sahara could cover a significant share of the electricity needs in North Africa and beyond. To make this possible, the RE-Generation MENA project is offering degree programmes in renewable energy to young people in Egypt and Tunisia.

The project is being implemented by the DESERTEC Foundation as part of its plan to meet future energy needs through harnessing solar energy in North Africa.

RE-Generation MENA (covering Europe, Middle East and North Africa) will initiate renewable energy master degree programmes as well as training courses for technical personnel. The project is supported by the DESERTEC University Network. This platform for scientific cooperation involves around 20 universities in the region committed to developing know-how and implementing programmes related to renewable energies.

In the long run, DESERTEC hopes to create a win-win situation where job creation goes hand-in-hand with achieving safer and more sustainable energy supply as well as economic benefits. The large-scale project which DESERTEC is developing relies of the basic idea of providing the world with an economical, safe and sustainable supply of clean electricity through generating electricity from renewable sources at the places where they are most abundant. A direct current grid carries the electricity generated over long distances with a minimum loss of power.

Equipping more people across the North African region with relevant skills is a prerequisite for making this undertaking a success.