Douala road works to improve economy and environment

Douala road works to improve economy and environment

Road rehabilitation in Douala contributes to economic efficiency and helps tackle social and environmental problems, as well as safety issues related to traffic problems.

The ‘Access to Douala’ project aims at widening and reconstructing a 20-kilometre section of the access road to Douala in Cameroon. The current road is too poor to carry long-distance heavy traffic and lighter urban short-distance traffic. This creates permanent traffic jams, safety risks for pedestrians, bikers and motor bikers and is harmful for the environment.

The project will also reduce the negative social and environmental impact of the rehabilitation works targeting the Douala- N'Djaména and Douala-Bangui corridors which form part of the Regional Transport and Transit Facilitation Programme implemented by the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC).

The project consists in an adjustment of the eastern access road to Douala to support the observed and expected traffic. The refurbishment will facilitate access to the port and the industrial areas for heavy traffic, to an urban freeway and an inter-district road, as well as to a road serving local residential areas and local economic activities.

The EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (ITF) allocated a grant of € 5.7 million in April 2010, out of a grand total of €208.9 million for grant operations approved for the 2007-10 period. The grant takes the form of an interest rate subsidy on the €60 million loan from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD).