Boosting Liberia’s power supply

Boosting Liberia’s power supply

Rehabilitating the Mount Coffee Hydropower Plant is part of a bigger plan in Liberia to regain power stability and financial benefits. The project is to answer to the Liberian people’s urgent electricity needs and also to produce power to neighbouring countries.

The plan to develop the entire St. Paul River Basin is part of the West African Power Pool (WAPP) CLSG Redevelopment sub programme. The aim is to reach the pre-war level of the power plant: 64 MW.

To prepare the ground for the Mount Coffee Hydropower Rehabilitation Project, a grant for project preparation studies was made available by the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (ITF) to the WAPP secretariat on behalf of the Liberia Electricity Corporation. The studies will include an environmental and social impact assessment and resettlement action plan, a detailed site survey, the preparation of a geotechnical baseline report outline, a dam safety study, the preparation of a site survey and a design report.

Once the plant is fully rehabilitated, Liberia could supply power not only to its own people, but also to its neighbouring countries. Through fighting poverty and boosting trade and the economy, the project could play a major role in post-conflict reconstruction.

The ITF allocated a grant of €1.5 million in April 2010, out of a grand total of €208.9 million for grant operations approved for the 2007-10 period.