Success stories

Success stories

Developing renewable energy markets in Africa

Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme Launched in 2011, the RECP is a multi-donor, long-term programme to develop renewable energy markets in Africa, with a budget of € 11 million to date. It aims to tackle barriers in the market, support partnerships and investment, and train energy professionals.  

Investing in Europen Success

The projects presented in this publication offer just a few concrete examples – 24 out of 590- of collaborative research platforms and networks in which African scientists, from the North to the South of the continent, cooperated with Europeans. They also show the added value of cooperation in STI as each one of these 24 projects made its own unique and important contribution to the daily lives of Europeans and Africans.

Reducing vulnerability to climate change, land degradation and drought

The Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative The GGWSSI was launched by African leaders in 2007 to promote the sustainable management of natural resources in arid zones of the continent. This EU-funded project (2011-13) helped build capacities of participating institutions and partner countries.  

Support to the creation of a secure environment needed to back the political peace process in Somalia

Support to AMISOM - the African Union Mission in Somalia The EU has been a major funder of AMISOM since its initial deployment in 2007. Its assistance – worth over € 590 million to date – aims to help AMISOM fulfil its UN mandate and is part of the EU’s long-term, comprehensive engagement in Somalia and the region.

Developing advanced research and education networks in Africa

AfricaConnect project Funded by the European Commission (€ 11.8 million, 2011-15), AfricaConnect is building a high-capacity Internet network for research and education in Eastern and Southern Africa, thus improving connectivity between African countries and linking them to global research networks.