European Union supports civil society's voice across Africa

European Union supports civil society's voice across Africa

Friday, 24 February, 2017

The EU signed six grant contracts for a total amount of € 20 million for projects supporting Civil Society participation in Pan-African issues, in december 2016.

The main aim is to support the contribution of civil society organisations (CSOs) to continental policy-making in Africa. The initiative is financed under the Pan-African Programme, set up to support projects with regional or continental value in areas of shared interest of the EU and Africa.

Following a call for proposals, which was launched in March 2016, six projects to be carried out in partnership by European and African CSOs, were awarded grants ranging between €2 million and €5 million. The projects correspond to four priority themes: 1) Democratic Governance, 2) Human Rights, 3) Peace and Security, 4) Gender equality and Women empowerment.

The first project aims to mobilize civil society support for the implementation of the African Governance Architecture. An initiative to consolidate civil society’s role in the transition from African human rights standards to practice will support CSOs to use AU mechanisms for human rights protection and promotion. The project 'Alliances for Rights – Africa towards disability inclusion' will enhance the contribution of CSOs and Pan-African Disability Federations to AU decisions. In the area of peace and security, a grant was given to a project on improving policies for conflict prevention and civil society engagement to transform borderlands in Africa. A project on women's land rights for inclusive development and growth in Africa will improve women’s access to and control over their land resources. Finally, the 'State of the African woman campaign' will strengthen civil society's voice and contribution to securing, realizing and extending women's rights enshrined in AU policies.


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