African Union Research Grants: grants from the 2nd call are signed

African Union Research Grants: grants from the 2nd call are signed

Monday, 17 December, 2012

In the presence of the Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to the African Union (AU), Amb.Gary Quince, and the AU Commissioner Jean-Pierre Ezin, the second set of research grants resulting from the AU's 2nd call for proposals was officially signed at the AU Commission Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 17th December 2012. This call led to the selection of eleven projects in the areas of Agriculture, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, and Water and Sanitation, for a total amount of €7 million.

The EU is promoting science and technology research on the African continent in the framework of the Partnership on Science, Information Society & Space in the framework of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES). It is supported through a Financing Agreement under the ACP Research for Sustainable Development Programme of the 10th EDF Intra-ACP Envelop. The support for these African Union-administered research programmes aims at building Africa's capacity to finance science and technology research as well as contributing to sustainable development, wellbeing and improved quality of life for the African citizens.

The event was also the occasion to award the four Nkrumah Scientific Awards for African women scientists from each African region. Four prizes were awarded: two for Northern Africa, one for Central Africa and one for West Africa, the other regions having not put forward any laureates. The AUC stressed the need to see a greater number of candidates will be put forward for the 2013 prizes.

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