Africa-EU Ministerial Meeting, Luxembourg

Africa-EU Ministerial Meeting, Luxembourg

Tuesday, 28 April, 2009

Subjects discussed
Key global challenges

  • economic and financial crises
  • climate change agenda, in preparation for the Copenhagen conference
  • progress with the Joint Africa-EU Strategy and its first action plan
  • priorities for the next six months
  • roadmaps for the 8 thematic priorities
  • resources workshop

Recent developments in Africa and Europe<

  • peace and security in Sudan, Chad and Somalia, as well as in the Western Balkans
  • political situation in Zimbabwe
  • coups d'Etats in Madagascar, Guinea, and Mauritania
  • African integration process, following the AU summit in Addis

The ministers' discussion on legal issues included the report by the independent expert group on the principle of universal jurisdiction and the case of Hissein Habré.

  • Jan Kohout (EU) - Czech Republic Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and current President of the Council of the EU
  • Dr. Ali A. Treki (AU) - Secretary for AU Affairs of the Great Socialist People?s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and current Chair of the AU Executive Council.

EU "troika"

  • Javier Solana - EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy
  • Louis Michel - EU Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid and Relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific States
  • Frank Belfrage - Swedish State Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs

African "troika"

  • Ramtane Lamamra - AU Commissioner for Peace and Security
  • Mohammed Omar Maundi - Tanzania Ambassador to Ethiopia and the AU

The next ministerial meeting will be on 14 October 2009 in Addis Ababa