10 years of Africa-EU Energy Partnership

10 years of Africa-EU Energy Partnership

Sunday, 05 November, 2017

In the lead up to the AU-EU Summit, the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) is reflecting on 10 years of successful cooperation and significant achievements in what has proven to be a critically important and dynamic sector.

The intercontinental Energy Partnership currently focuses on energy as a key element at COP23 as well as the preparations underway for the 5th AU-EU Summit. Renewable energy will once again play a key role in the international climate discussions to be held in Bonn from 6-17 November, with two days dedicated specifically on nexus topics of energy and land/water as well as its role in the migration debate. Green jobs and energy sector development will also play a critical role in the discussions of enhanced job creation and skills development for young people at the 5th AU-EU Summit at the end of November in Abidjan.

The recent edition of the AEEP newsletter announces the launch of a renewable energy toolbox in the ECOWAS region. The EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility and the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable and Energy Efficiency have collaborated to support ministries, regulators and utilities to apply appropriate approaches and methodologies in the design of renewable energy tariffs.

Recent activities within the framework of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership include the harmonisation of continental regulatory frameworks in the African energy sector. With support from the EU Technical Assistance Facility (TAF), the AUC has successfully developed a strategy and Action Plan for the programme on harmonised frameworks focusing on the electricity markets. Supporting exchange between regional centres and specialized institutions, the AEEP is finalizing a study that seeks to assess the institutional role and engagement levels of RECs (Regional Economic Communities) in the African energy sector. AEEP’s Young Leaders and Journalists continue to advocate for youth engagement in a call for action to African Rural Electrification Agencies.

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