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What is the Pan-African Programme?

The Pan-African Programme provides dedicated support to the Africa-EU strategic partnership and is the first ever EU plan for development and cooperation that covers Africa as a whole. It supports projects with a trans-regional, continental or global added-value in areas of shared interest, and offers new possibilities for the EU and Africa to work together.

Established in 2014, the Pan-African Programme is one of the main EU financial instruments for the implementation of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy. The programme is funded under the EU's Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI) with an allocated budget of EUR 845 million for the period 2014-2020.

In the period 2014-2017, the programme committed more than EUR 400 million to build mutually beneficial projects for the EU and Africa. Aligned with the Roadmap 2014-2017, the Pan-African Programme focuses on five key areas of cooperation between the two continents, namely:

  • Peace and security
  • Democracy, good governance and human rights
  • Human development
  • Sustainable and inclusive development and growth and continental integration
  • Global and cross-cutting issues.



In 2018, the second phase of the Pan-African Programme was launched for the period 2018-2020 with funding of EUR 400 million. Contributing to the implementation of the strategic priorities identified at the 5th AU-EU Summit of November 2017, the programme now focuses on three key areas of cooperation between Africa and the EU:

  • Political dialogue and pan-African governance
  • Education and skills, research and technology
  • Continental economic integration.

The added value of the Pan-African Programme builds on three main criteria:

  • The cross-regional, continental or global dimension of projects and programmes in areas ranging from sustainable agriculture and environment to higher education, ICT and research;
  • The joint interest of Africa and the EU and as such a the clear link to the strategic partnership;
  • The financial complementarity with other instruments like the European Development Fund (EDF), the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) and the Development Cooperation; Instrument (DCI) thematic programmes.

For more information:

The added value of the Pan-African Programme

Cross-regional or continental in dimension

A joint interest in Africa and the EU

Complements other financial instruments

Continental Economic Integration

Infrastructure /Integrated Markets

Contribute to regional integration through the development of resilient infrastructure. Facilitate intra-African trade and European investments.

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Africa Transport Policy Programme (SSATP)

Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA)

Pan African Statistics

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LIVE2AFRICA: Pan-African Support to the AU-IBAR for a Sustainable Development of Livestock for Livelihoods in Africa

Investing in people

Skills for youth/Higher education/Science, Technology and Innovation

Enhance young people's employability through improved job-oriented education and training and recognition of skills. Modernise higher education institutions in Africa and improve the employability of students and their mobility across the continent and with Europe.


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Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme I and II

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Harmonisation of Higher Education in Africa

African Union Research Grants II

Political Dialogue and Pan-African Governance

Strengthen the Africa-EU Partnership through increased political dialogue and engagement. Contribute towards the development of an accountable, responsive and effective system of good governance at the pan-African level.

Support Measures – Annual Action Plan 2

Pan African Statistics

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LIVE2AFRICA: Pan-African Support to the AU-IBAR for a Sustainable Development of Livestock for Livelihoods in Africa

Pan-African Financial Governance Programme

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