Financing the Partnership

Financing the Partnership

Specific support to the implementation of the JAES at continental level

In addition to specific projects financed by EU and African Member States and their development institutions, the EU provides dedicated support for the implementation of the JAES through the following two main channels:

  • The Pan-African Programme (EUR 845 million for 2014-2020) supports projects with a trans-regional, continental or global added-value along the five areas of cooperation of the 2014-2017 JAES Roadmap.
  • The African Peace Facility (EUR 1051 million for 2014-2016) provides financial sup­port to African-led Peace Support Operations, to the operationalisation of the African Peace and security architecture (APSA) and to initiatives under the Early Response Mechanism (ERM).

Overall EU support to Africa

The EU and its Member States are the biggest donor to the African continent with approximately EUR 20 billion per year of ODA, through programmes implemeted a continental, regional and national level. Around 20% of this amount is managed by the European Commission.