EU Foreign Affairs Council discusses Africa-EU Partnership

EU Foreign Affairs Council discusses Africa-EU Partnership

Monday, 12 December, 2016
Federica Mogherini

On 12 December 2016, EU Foreign Affairs ministers met in Brussels to discuss EU-Africa relations. Ministers discussed priorities in the EU's relations with Africa and their evolution in light of emerging challenges. They emphasized that engagement in and with Africa remains key to preventing conflict, promoting human security, addressing the root causes of instability, and managing migration flows.

While development cooperation remains a key aspect of EU engagement in Africa, ministers also underlined the importance of economic relations and investment, as well as job creation. Ministers stressed the need to continue working on governance, democracy and human rights, including the participation of civil society and of women in decision-making. Ministers also noted the importance of reaching out to African youth.

The High Representative concluded the debate by reaffirming the need to continue working with African partners in a spirit of partnership in areas of interest to the EU and to those of interest to African partners', in a joint effort from the EU institutions and member states.

The discussion will guide the forthcoming joint communication on a renewed impetus for the Africa-EU partnership, which will be presented in April 2017 by the High Representative and the European Commission.

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