Side event: Intercontinental civil society forum

Side event: Intercontinental civil society forum

Date & Venue:

Cairo, 8-10 November.

Adopted documents:



Draft agenda.


The joint forum between African and European civil society marks a unique opportunity not only to discuss the role of civil society within the framework of the EU-Africa Partnership, but also to assess the Strategy’s value added and achievements three years on from its launch.


Forum participants are expected to draw up a common position for possible presentation to the Heads of State and of Government during the Summit. They are also expected to consider ways in which to forge a permanent dialogue between civil societies.


The Joint Africa-EU Strategy is inclusive and seeks to integrate the biggest number of stakeholders. With this in mind, the Strategy’s intrinsic approach is people-based. European and African civil societies have a key role to play within the Partnership framework, in particular within its eight actual partnerships. To do so, African and European civil societies have set up two steering committees tasked with the day-to-day monitoring of Partnership aspects which affect them.


Around 60 participants, from a variety of African and European non-governmental organisations, are due to attend the forum.