Side event: Governance Platform Constitutive Meeting

Side event: Governance Platform Constitutive Meeting

Date & Venue:

12 November, Brussels, Belgium

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The Constitutive Meeting of the Governance Platform will adopt the Basic Document and discuss the working modalities and initial topics regarding the functioning of the Platform.


The Platform shall enhance the Africa-EU partnership and strengthen governance on both continents. It should work towards achieving the following specific objectives:

  • seek to develop common positions in international fora;
  • improve co-operation on governance areas where the two continents have already identified common interests and propose operational measures to make such cooperation more effective ;
  • discuss issues where there have not yet been agreement on common grounds;
  • promote linkages with regard to relevant governance issues in the other partnership of the JAES.


The 1st Action Plan of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES) calls for the establishment of a "platform for dialogue on all governance issues of mutual interest including political issues, human rights, children's rights, gender equality, local governance and on situations of fragility". The Platform shall act as an open and inclusive space for dialogue on governance and human rights issues of common concern with a view to formulate shared governance agendas and recommendations that can feed the political dialogue between the two continents.


Around 60-70 participants. The composition of the Platform should consist of institutional actors, Member States, non-state actors, private sector representatives and experts. It is co-chaired by the African Union Commission (AUC) and the European Commission (EC).