Side event: The EU-Africa Business Forum

Side event: The EU-Africa Business Forum

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26-27-28 November, Tripoli, Libya.

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EU-Africa Business Forum


The EU-Africa Business Forum (EABF) will bring together business leaders representing multi-nationals, large corporations, small and medium-scale enterprises and confederations, multilateral and regional institutions. The EABF will focus on the private sector's role notably referring to linking markets, facilitating business activity, green economy and the role of the private sector in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), with a view to providing concrete inputs for the debate amongst the Heads of State. Furthermore, a CEOs Round Table for Africa will take place during the event. It will gather a limited number of CEOs from Europe and Africa to discuss the involvement of the private sector in a broader Africa-EU Strategy. They will provide guidance and outputs for stakeholders involved in this partnership, delivering thus political messages for the 3rd Africa-EU Summit.


The EABF is an integral part of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES). Its main objective is bringing the views of business to European and African leaders together on critical issues pertaining to both continents' relations. Its role is defined under the JAES 3rd partnership – Trade, Regional Integration and Infrastructure. The private sector is a critical partner for achieving the JAES goals as well as MDGs. The Forum will provide the highest level platform to engage with political leaders in a concrete and constructive dialogue where parties involved hold each other accountable. This meeting is to be seen in the context of improving investment and business in Africa considering aspects such as climate change, poverty reduction, and environment protection.


African and European CEOs as well as representatives from private sector.