Side event: High Level Conference on Space for the African Citizen

Side event: High Level Conference on Space for the African Citizen

Date & Venue:

16 September, Brussels, Belgium.

Adopted documents:

Conclusions of the meeting


The High Level Conference "Space for the African citizen" aims to discuss the contribution of space technologies to the general development of Africa. It is organized in the framework of the Belgian presidency of the EU.


The conference shall highlight the major interests of space applications in favour of a global and sustainable development of the continent; identify the African States' needs for improving their autonomy toward the space technologies and provide supporting on existing initiatives; and define actions to be implemented in the framework of the GMES and Africa action plan.


This conference will contribute to the 8th Partnership of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy "Science, information society and space" by demonstrating the relevance of the space technologies as a transversal tool to favor development and growth; to facilitate the good governance of the resources; and to contribute to the implementation of policies in different fields for the African citizens.


300 participants from different organisations, namely: the European Union, the African Union, the European Space Agency, the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites, national governments, national agencies, research centers, academia, etc.